marching band shop

 Band Supplies Shop Glasgow.


Closed due to the CORONA VIRUS



Flagpole Belts


Glengarry hats and caps


Sash belt flagpole holders


Bannerette poles


Banner Poles


Flagpole base | stand


Ceremonial flag poles


Embroidered flags for marching bands


Footwear for marching


Cords / flag /shoulder and lanyards


Epaulettes for bands


Parade Belts for bands and Cadets


white drummers gloves


Hackles for Bands


Bowler Hats


Guards and Band trousers with red stripe


Embroidered Flags


Marching band shirts


Band capes


Drum Sticks


KP2 Drum Sticsk


Flagpoles for Parades


Side Drum Slings


Flagpole accessories




Embroidered Sashes


Red Sash


Parade Gloves


Belt Buckles


Drum Accessories