Banner Poles

This is a banner pole for marching bands and trade union displays.


Banner Poles Black

Banner Poles in black wood with chrome fittings and a chrome spear finial. Superb quality and great for marches and flute bands.
Tactical supplies
Delivery time:Made to order

Banner poles for trade Unions

Trade union banner poles for marches and parades. These are good quality budget poles and good for any protest or march.

Delivery time:made to order

Banner poles with spear fittings

Rosewood and brass spear finial banner poles. Fantastic quality and come with brass screwed joints. Made on our premises to your size. Also in Black
Delivery time:made to order

Banner poles with crossbar crown fittings

Rosewood and brass crowns banner poles for Parades.Comes with screwed joints for assembly.This is a ceremonial banner Pole and top  quality.
Delivery time:made to order