Miller Brown Flutes for Marching bands.



Miller Browne 3 piece 5 key flute

miller brown
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Miller Browne Bb Flute, 5 Key, 3 piece Slide Head. The flute of choice for marching bands. High pitch band flutes.

Miller Browne Flutes

Miller Browne Bb Flute, 5 Key, Slide Head
The manufacture  of Miller Browne flutes have evolved over many years in serving bands and marching bands all over the world. Practically unbreakable with a high pitch these are a sought after item.

  • 5 keys slide head.
  • Strong and durable flutes.
  • High pitch.
  • Great Price.
  • 3 piece.

Miller Browne 2 piece 5 keys flute

miller brown
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This is a miller Browne 2 piece 5 keys plain head flute. These are fantastic high pitch flutes for marching bands,

Miller Brown 5 key 2 Piece flute

High Pitch Mb 5 key flute for marching bands. Excellent quality and made with years of experience.

  • Designed for Marching Bands.
  • Great quality.
  • Almost unbreakable.
  • 2 piece.
  • Discounts for bulk buyers.