Military Marching Band Trousers.

We make a selection of trouser s in different colours with or without stripe.Crafted with quality fabric in tradition shape. This is a marching band trousers and comes with any colour of stripe and belt loops.


Plain Stanford Trousers

This is a top quality dress trousers and a very low clearance price. Half lined and is a very durable trousers.This is the one most office staff go for
club class
Delivery time:5-6 weeks

Band Trousers

Custom made marching band trousers. Royal Blue, Maroon, Navy and Grey. Minimum order of 10 pairs. Call 01744 886105
Delivery time:5 to 6 weeks

Marching band trousers

Marching band trousers in black with red stripe. stripe is 40mm wide. Call 01744 886105
Delivery time:5-6 weeks