Promark active grip snare drum stick

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Promark active grip snare drum stick by Stephen Creighton.

Superb Grip

 The gradual taper of this drumstick along with its maple wood design will give the rebound, and consistency to your drumming. Active-Grip is one of Promark's patented activated grip coating that works from the heat of the hand.It works when the hand gets warm and the warmer the hand the more grip that is generated. Unlike most grips on the market this one does not mark the players hands or restrict the movement.

  • Maple is a very light wood which allows for a large diameter stick without added weight.
    Length: 15 15/16".
  • Diameter: .755".
  • Tip Material:  Wood.
  • Tip Shape:  Oval.
  • Active Grip - this is a heat activated special  grip coating that allows the  grip to get stronger the harder you play.